Greatest Alchemist Vol. 1 – Character List c15

This a SPOILER FREE character page for those that have read till Chapter 15

These images were sourced either from the LN or the manga. If it is within your capacity, please support the author by buying his works. ^^ Light Novel Volume 1


Arranged in order of appearance.




LN: Takumi synthesizing ores.

Manga: Takumi using the skill “Craft”


Goddess Norn

Manga: Goddess asks for forgiveness! Cuteness +100 >w<


Bobon and Vanga


Manga: Bobon on the left, Vanga on the right





Huge Armored Boar

No bananas, so Takumi for scale.



LN: Kaede getto daze!

Manga. Kaede uses Demon eyes of Charming. It’s super effective! (No, she doesn’t really have that ability. xD)




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