Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Pondering over Titan’s body

Taking mini Titan back to Volton, I analyzed his core and my thoughts on it are two words.

「Mhmm. Absolutely impossible.」

Titan’s core is a softball sized magic crystal drawn compactly with layered type magic circle. I was able to analyze a part of it, but understanding its entirety would probably take 100-200 years. At any rate, a full copy was impossible. Maybe because it’s the core of an independent intelligent lifeform capable of thoughts, that should have been as obvious as obvious can get.

「Reading and understanding even just a tiny portion of the magic circle in Titan-chan’s core is already difficult. 」

Laeva groaned as she stared at my sketch of a small portion of complex magic circle in Titan’s core from when I had analyzed it.

「Can’t help it. What I was able to analyze was just a small portion of it, but even then. it’s already this complex, after all.」
「And so, what kind of body does Titan want?」
「Hmm, about that…………」

As Sophia asked, what Titan wished of me is a truly a highly difficult request.

What it wants is, first, a body slightly bigger than the current mini Titan. And a 2.5 m to 3 m large Titan body that the mini Titan can move itself into.

「Something it can move into?」
「That’s fairly simple. If mini Titan and the large body are linked, Titan will be able to control the large body. Would it be easier to understand if I said it’s a container like how the mini Titan is the core’s cover?」

Afterwards, Sophia, Laeva, and I discussed how we would be making Titan’s body.

The large body will have mithril alloy as the base and will be reinforced with adamantite alloy. Its overall height is 3 m, and its weight will likely be within its limits.

Mini Titan spans 1.5 meters. It has an adamantite alloy skeleton and plated with mithril alloy armor to reinforce it.

I’ll also make armament plans for when it is in mini Titan and jumbo Titan form.

「Would this be good?」

I drew a rough sketch of Titan’s body on paper and showed it to Sophia and Laeva.

「Let’s see. It will be over 3 meters tall and very heavy too, it looks like the consumption of crystals will be immense.」
「For mini Titan-chan’s model, it isn’t that different from the current one so I think it will be alright.」
「Also, we have to decide on things such as how big the magic stones are and how many we’d use.」
「Maybe if I transmute the magic stones into magic crystals and make them one size larger, then the magic power it supplies will go up a notch.」
「Then that settles the issue with magic power.」
「For the core, naturally it will be inside the body, but even the magic crystals will be there as well, correct?」
「Yep, that’s how it will be.」

「For weapons, Titan has the Bludgeon Technique skill so a mace would be acceptable.」
「If it’s Titan, maybe skill acquisition is also possible if it trains. The sword and halberd are good too, after all.」
「Other than that, if Titan has a large shield, it would be the best Tank.」

A large shield might be acceptable. If jumbo Titan is equipped with a large shield, it can probably guard everyone.

「A mace and a large shield then. I’ll give things like swords and halberds some thought」 It said large shield but I think it should have meant halberds?
「We’ll have the Papeck Company prepare mithril and adamantite ores, yes?」
「Yep, I’ll have Laeva help with the refinement after all.」
「Yes, I will prepare the transmutation circles.」

Laeva said so then began preparing the transmutation circles. Sophia went out to make an order at the Papeck Company.

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