Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Accelerating Skill Levels

Because I obtained the Magic Formula Control skill in the middle of making magic devices, I’ve become able to do things better than before on all things related to magic.
Reduction in the amount of magic power consumed, increased power, precise manipulation. The benefits of Magic Formula Control are extensive.

And so I decided to challenge the golem core packed with the layered type magic circle that I had half abandoned.
If I complete a guardian golem for the mansion, the burden on all of us would lessen considerably.

「Hey Master, can’t golems be tamed?」

Kaede’s single sentence made the motivated me stop.

「…………umm, I don’t know?」

With Kaede’s unexpected words, my hands suddenly stopped.
Can it be tamed? It is inorganic. But if we were to talk about things that can’t be tamed, I have tamed a spider type monster. Even more, I tamed a Drake Horse which had no records of being tamed in the last several hundred years.

Is it possible?

「Hey Sophia, what do you think?」
「Hmm. ………… I do not know.」

When I looked at Maria and Laeva, they shook their heads.

「Incidentally, where are the golems around here?」
「In our vicinity, yes. There are Stone Golems that seldom appear at the west of Forest of Death where we had hunted for Treants when we were travelling to Horuas. Another is an old dungeon close to Horuas, I hear that the Iron Golems appear near the mines too.」
「So there’s a dungeon.」

From Sophia’s explanation, there is a place to the west of the Forest of Death with stray Stone Golems and Iron Golems show up by the dungeon close to Horuas.

「What to do… Barack-san will get mad at us if we go to a dungeon now of all times, wouldn’t he?」
「That’s correct. There’s still the issue with the zealots, it would be like expressly saying please target us.」

It’s just as she says.

「You’re right. Then I’ll challenge the golem core controls while we search for a new party member.」
「Well then, we will continue devoting ourselves to our respective studies.」

I was told by Sophia that dungeons are a no go, so I’ll try making a golem with minimal actions for now. I believe this will certainly be for something.

From there, in place of a natural golem’s core, I used 『Extraction』 and 『Synthesis』 to transmute a multitude of magic stones to create baseball sized magic crystals. Apparently only I have made magic crystals of this size in recent years. OF course, I’ve made sure no one knows about it.

I drew and crammed detailed layered magic circles into the completed magic crystals. Maybe because the level of Magic Formula Control was still low, it took a staggeringly long time and shaved away at my will power.
As I wringed out every bit of magic power I had, I continued doing precise work for a long time.

〈The 「Magic Formula Control」 skill has leveled up〉

As that announcement happened, my work suddenly became easier.

〈The 「Magic Formula Control」 skill has leveled up〉

The skill, despite being awakened just recently, leveled up fast. But the Alchemy skill which needs 1 more level won’t go up.

「(I wanna go to the dungeon~)」

This is entirely a hunch but if I can tame a golem, I feel like I can one or even two version updates on this golem core.

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