Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 37

Chapter: Known as the 37th fukumi nobu

from the second day aft’r i hath killed the goblin, i has’t did train the production line and charm arts, but the sudden gage is the lighteth source.

sophia and mary, enwheeling me, madeth rings and becameth a medium of magical behavi’r, and pappekku visit’d a mansion early in the m’rning.
this is the first timeth i didst not wanteth people to feeleth uncomf’rtable, but i only hath heard the sigheth of this st’ry.

“the mast’r of the city, l’rd godwin von bolton, hath asked f’r an int’rview.
f’rt bolton hath changed his suitcase and becameth bolton, and that gent dominat’d the city.
as takumi sensei doth feel, bolton’s returneth is a mistress of a recently chosen lucky accommodation. I hath bought slaves from the takumi moulin slave chamb’r, and hath said yond the l’rd eke putteth in an attitude. ”

i didst not cometh to the city f’r a longeth timeth, but i bethink yond the l’rd of bolton madeth a choice in such a sh’rt timeth.

“why is th’re such a l’rd f’r me?”
“of course, closing the toilet to crisp the toilet is a tool to crisp the mast’r.
in fact, the construction of low-cost cosmetic fact’ries is festinate, but bolton’s wealthy class did turn to sanctions. We art eke promoting the installation of septic tanks f’r sewage septic tanks.

has’t thee ev’r did notice yond the smelleth of the city hast did improve rapidly? eke, the mast’r hast the right to smoketh the tomb. The graveyard pumps art manufactur’d and did sell as goods in bolton’s two towns and the board of directeth’rs.

oh, suddenly thee exagg’rat’d.

“i has’t nothing to doth. I hath met takumi this timeth,

i wast immediately annoy’d.
finally, i am a civilian alaf payeth w’rk’r. I am n’rvous at which hour i meeteth mine own boss ‘r president. Eke gentle, t is eke a seni’r gentle, hath said to changeth backeth. Wheth’r t is peacock ‘r royal, their diff’rence is wrong.

“rest assur’d.

i did see mine own uneasy expression, i followeth papekku.

i ent’r’d into the maple tree of the univ’rse, and i wast did trap in pappuk and tooketh me to the castle wh’re the owneth’r of bolton city cent’r hath lived.

“no matt’r, takumi.
“yes, mary is with me”
“oh, in a v’ry sh’rt timeth, i am fustian of slav’ry, i am looking f’rward to t.

moth’r, encourageth mine own mistress.
finally, thee can seeth bone-like charact’rs yond matcheth the adventur’r’s city.

“it’s liketh a big f’rtress. ”
“in fact, mr takumi is, in fact, the f’rtress of bolton castle, which is the starting pointeth of bolton castle, and yond castle surrounds t.

pappek did explain the reasoneth and mine own impression of the castle wast v’ry disappointing. Th’re is nay bone in the street.

the castle is hath built ’round a wat’r-fill’d moat and can descend into the cave.

“the ditch did collapse.
th’re is nay big square about 50 years lat’r ”
“this is a war between the kingdom of tria and the kingdom of uguru”

of course, the chance f’r sofia to becometh a slave to war is war.

“yes, this wast a war did cause by the no more brain than stone nobles of the t’ri aryan kingdom, which did ignite the cent’r of the state and madeth the elves useth their pow’rful charm spells.
the kingdom of bachilla wast influenc’d by the relationship between the two, but t hadst a diplomatic relationship with the kingdom of yuguru, and some controv’rsy wast hath said to beest between the kingdoms of t’ria aria.

if ‘t be true the long-t’rm supplyeth route is not did maintain, the war ends with the abandonment of the invasion of the antalia’s kingdom, but the tough’r treaties seemeth not to endeth yet.

“so, is this still a war?”
“i doth not coequal has’t a pow’r outage,” i sayeth.

a dram did bite, not only god but eke changeth.
behold at sofia f’r a moment, but t doesn’t seemeth too w’rri’d about becoming a topic of the war of slav’ry. One day bid me wherefore thee can not wend backeth to sofia and selleth t as a slave.

“the ship did collapse because th’re wast nay big battleth aft’r the war. ”

the soldi’rs in front of the bridge ceased the carriage.

“i wanteth the chairman of the papec committee.
the present day i visit’d the alchemist’s art museum at the requesteth of the leadeth’r. ”
“please waiteth”

the janit’r checks the janit’r.
from yond pointeth of view, bolton hath changed the spirit of the bombard and did train that gent.

“this is fine.
shipping is h’re ”

we did place a carriage at the front doth’r and hadst the security guards beest taken to the audience.

th’re is nay attraction, but if ‘t be true thee knoweth this is a maid’s tea c’remony in a cubiculo dec’rat’d with luxury furniture, thee shall has’t tea and waiteth f’r a visiteth.

“this timeth i’m not a f’rmal p’rson, so i needeth not to receiveth too n’rvous. I shall taketh a p’rsonal int’rview requesteth.
eke, takumi thinkest yond nay problem because t is polite to ev’ryone. ”

of course, mine own slaves sophia and mary can dudgeon me constantly. If ‘t be true this is the kingdom of t’ria aria and thou art the god of god, thee can not ent’r the same cubiculo.

clev’rly knocking on the doth’r, the maid ent’r’d the cubiculo.

“i shall keepeth thee waiting.
we art eft f’r thee, we shall guideth thee. ”
“this is valorous”

papekki’s riseth wast seen.
c’rrid’rs and shark shark carpets, we dare encount’rs with the l’rd

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