Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 36

Faithful training production system 36

supposeth thee has’t successfully entrust’d the promotion of sofia and maria’s adventur’rs guild leveleth. Travelling to the site of the translator at euricette (dot) com will also successfully reveal the real chapter.
the leaves in evolution art sofia and maria, and coequal if ‘t be true i am did trap in the studio, i shall spendeth timeth weaving threads separately. The translation will evolve to very readable as well if you go to euricette (dot) com.

“from the present day, i shall continueth to w’rk in the production w’rld because sofia and maria art free to spend”
“then i practic’d spears and charm with mary and practic’d stitching with leaves. ”
“yes, i wanteth to doth mine own sewing w’rk. ”
“maple, thee has’t a cuppeth of fruit”

although the leaves art did motivate, the sooth is yond t is not as stout as self-burden.

“maple, prithee receiveth not too not restful of mine own yarn”

autumn leaves with pincheth answ’rs.

“yes, i has’t a maple shirt. ”
“then i shall seweth t with mr. Sophia. ”
“yes, i shall asketh thee”

maria, i hath walked through the fusty braid’d spid’r silk fib’r and wenteth to the studio.

“now, what art thee training?”

job typeth: warri’r 100lv magician 1lv
(grande elf 32lv carpent’r 16lv alchemist 52lv casino c’rp 48lv sewing craftsman 26lv)

one of the first magical arts as a status of inspection and stretching techniques. Alchemy arts art hard to riseth anon. At which hour i bethink about mine own future w’rk, i wanteth to cometh up with kaji technology. Sewing arts art not yet mature.

aft’r the attribute charm art, the wat’r and windeth art v’ry base. Timeth and space attribute charm is eke hard to riseth, but f’r future useth warp ‘r gate charm. Lighteth prop’rties charm daily purification charm is oft hath used, so thee can leaveth t high-lone without bethinking about t.

“let’s tryeth to dare the cautel while training the charm in a hie”

i did train and did plan what i didst in the production system and the charm system, and then beganeth to traineth with low-skill wat’r and windeth attributes.
t floats ’round the surface of the wat’r and moves on its owneth, aiming to improveth the magical pow’r and pow’r handling of the wat’r.
at the same timeth, silv’r wast did place in the projecteth boxeth, and some copp’r and aluminum w’re chemically pip’d to maketh pure silv’r.
aft’r the fukaji charm hast been rough-f’rmed, a delicate piece of metal is handmade. State value dext’rity values ​​ov’r 300 can w’rk m’re compactly than ev’r bef’re.
at the same timeth, the wat’r and windeth ’round me art spinning.

<wat’r charm arts riseth>

what i am building is to maketh a magical media circle f’r sophia and maria.
the magical media is not a cane, but a problem. The magical inspecteth’r sophia hath decided not to square with a wand, so the bracelet ‘r ringeth wouldst not int’rf’re with the battleth.
<wat’r charm arts riseth>

the sophia ringeth designeth wing, the maria ringeth designeth flame and metal sculpture.

<kajisa’s leveleth rises>


i eke madeth mine own owneth charm gameplay.

“does the ringeth not int’rf’re?”

i shall designeth the ringeth. , aye, alloweth us maketh a new moon.

i am trying t h’re once.
i has’t did shape three rings in mine own right handeth. At this timeth, i releas’d the wat’r polo and the windeth ball ’round me.


putteth the image of thy right handeth to compress the charm. The impact is did reduce.
at which hour the charm pow’r multiplies, ’twill maketh a potion to preventeth charm from being hath carried.
the mana potion’s magical pow’r to rest’re only t avinta, while holding a magazine compression ringeth.


in the right handeth, the reaction of the ringeth hast hath changed.

“is t successful?”

·kamigin ringeth
charm enhancement (large)·op’ration controleth assistance (large)
h’rsepow’r boost (large)
i has’t confirm’d this in mine own feelings, but t seemeth to beest successful.

in the library’s did light’rature, mithril is did cause by the changeth of silv’r lighteth yond hast been expos’d to aging f’r years. If ‘t be true so, i bethink ’twill beest artificial. , i shall doth t. In addition, t is hath said to beest kami longeth. Th’re art three most wondrous effects, but those gents art not yet fascinat’d.

“but mithra wanteth to liveth. ”

buying mithril is easy, although t is possible to receiveth a bawbling circle of mithril alloy by drinking some mana potions, which is hath said to beest a beginn’r. T is sore to buildeth such a secret silv’r sw’rd and armeth’r in the ringeth.

useth auto resize to enchant the ringeth.

·kami-no-ma’ri ringeth
charm enhancement (large)·op’ration controleth assistance (large)
h’rsepow’r w’rk assisteth (large) size automatic adjustment
at which hour i did check the did finish ringeth, the nameth of the ringeth wast hath changed.

“it’s valorous to traineth at which hour building things”

the art leveleth is base. The wat’r charm art and the windeth attribute charm art reacheth 5lv.
at which hour the wat’r charm and the windeth charm did rise to 5lv, i wast sure yond i couldst receiveth the ice attribute charm art and the lightning attribute charm art.

“yes, i bethink so. ”

a mass of ice did float on the outstretch’d palm.


“is this the next one?”

in contrast.
the sn’ring and lightning in mine own hands.


“ice and lightning can eke affect equipment. ”

acc’rding to tommy reading in the library, charm by charm and thund’rbolt prop’rties is a suitable p’rson f’r each attribute on the wat’r attribute charm windeth attribute charm charm art mast’ry hath called the fath’r of the god-given goddess attribute charm leveleth, thee first learneth the ice prop’rties thee can.
mine own situation is the latt’r.

“i can buildeth a refrig’rat’r anon. ”

i needeth not a refrig’rat’r because i has’t a boxeth of items, but t is useful to keepeth the drinketh bitter cold and shall beest did sell at the top of the pipette.
·name: takumi yiruma
· raceth: family
· age: 15 years fusty
position: kajisa 52lv magician 2lv
(company 100lv award’d elf 32lv carpent’r 16lv alchemist 52lv sewing craftsman 26lv)
rating: 54
·condition: health

·health: 660
·pow’r: 825
·electricity: 310
· agility: 280
health: 370
· agility: 310
·intelligence: 370

·unique technology
emotional ex
projecteth boxeth ex <hidden)

passive art
pow’r 2lv
intuitive 2lv
toxicity 2lv
paralysis resistance 2lv
resolution 1lv
corse controleth 1lv
improveth h’rsepow’r 1lv recov’ry speedeth
positive arts
changshu 7lv
axe liqu’r 2lv
fencing 4lv
throweth 4lv
chesul 4lv
martial arts 4lv
col’r 3lv
detecteth 4lv
conceal’d 4lv
taming 1lv
strengtheneth physical strength 4lv

h’rsepow’r 7lv
pow’r’d by 9lv
lighteth attribute charm 7lv
firebug charm 5lv
wat’r charm 5lv
windeth prop’rty charm 5lv
landeth prop’rties charm 8lv
ice prop’rties charm 1lv
lightning attribute charm 1lv
timeth and space attribute charm 3lv
grant 5lv
alchemy 8lv
casino 7lv
woodw’rking 6lv
carpent’r 4lv
collecteth 5lv
deplet’d 3lv
disassemble 4lv
mining 4lv
metal products 5lv
sewing 3lv
cooking 2lv

goddess of the goddess nolan (concealed)
arquenny endemic species (maple)

giant killing

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