Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 28

Prepareth f’r the 28th anniv’rsary of two people

both sophia and maria desired to accompany h’r in all h’r actions, enwheeling collecting mine own mat’rial.
and i wast preparing f’r the equipment of sophia and mary, but the night of the st’ry hath happened.

i wast bathing high-lone and all of a sudden sofia cameth into the cubiculo without a mess.


i f’rgot to breatheth i wast opening mine own eyes.
th’re wast a miraculous beauty yond far did surpass mine own imagination, smiling and standing with shame.

“takumi-sama, doth not thee accepteth me all?”

aft’r the discussion, two people w’re changing the title of the mast’r. Not because i wast a mast’r, but because two people did want to wend out without hesitation.

“sophia, i’m going to beest a slave contracteth yond i wast not asking f’r, and i wouldst has’t did want to pow’r sofia,
“this is mine own humor, and in mine own life as a long-time elf, mine own timeth with takumi-san is sh’rt, and i wanteth to spendeth mine own timeth and corse in t,

t wast the limit of reasoneth f’r me to beest toldeth th’re. The beauty yond i has’t nev’r seen bef’re shall beest nak’d in front of me. I can not standeth t.

i bethink i didst a quaint strange thing th’re.
i wast in the m’rn f’r breakfast.
next to mine own big building sleep chamber wast a nak’d sofia sleeping exhaust’d.
at which hour i arriv’d at the bathroom last night of all, sofia wast the first. At which hour the lady wast a prison’r, the lady hadst already hadst a handeth and foot, but the lady wast a daught’r of an aristocrat who is’t wast hath said to beest inf’ri’r. So wherefore didst not thee bid me wherefore sofia didst not has’t a prison’r exchange ‘r a reparations chargeth?
although i bethink t wast sore f’r sofia at first, mine own corse wast v’ry high p’rf’rmance, liketh a goddess-like corse. In many ways.

i wond’r’d if ‘t be true mary and sophia w’re glancing at the breakfast spoteth, but the present day i am bethinking of making two of those folk.

sofia is training to b’rrow sw’rds and windows from the garden to reclaim the longeth vacancy. Mary eke hath said yond aft’r cleaning and cleaning, the lady did join and did start training.
i buildeth h’rses and sw’rds of sophia and maria, hiding in the w’rkshop in the garden.

ma riv’r shall beest valorous mat’rial. Nay m’re ‘re shouldst wend out ‘r buyeth t. T’s valorous to buyeth because t’s full of wage, but i wanteth to doth t from mining to refining, casino, and enchant.
t doest not maketh much senseth in the w’rld, not simply on rigid metals. Coequal if ‘t be true a tungsten carbide hard metal alloy is madeth, the damageth to the alloy having base affinity is base’r’d. T is only a weak thing yond the pistol is hath used in the w’rld. Is this true because t wast in the knowledge hath taken from the goddess.

so, first of all, doth not did cast the steel ingot into the soil charm.
in the charm art of the casino, the blade wast about 50 centimet’rs longeth.
i f’rgot one h’re.

“haha! th’re is nay patt’rn mat’rial!”

i f’rgot. I hath used to useth the ingredients of the uncens’r’d australian turtle, p’rhaps, but i can not hunteth trent from anon on.
i hasten to buildeth a sist’r, i bethink to maketh sw’rds and bodkins again.

the image is the partisan of sasaho partisan.
a cleareth image is did place on the headeth to mold the ingot in the cautel. H’re, t seemeth yond the whole is only unif’rm in shapeth if ‘t be true t is gen’rally molded, but h’re i changeth the amount of c’re and leaf carbon. T eke changes the structureth of the blade martensite structureth.
the w’rk to doth with only the image carves the h’rsepow’r into a ringeth.
<kajisa’s leveleth hast risen>

the same lapel wast reshaped, and h’re we hath decided to carryeth out metal sculpture on sofia and mary’s window louv’rs.
glyph of wings on sofia’s window.
glyph of firew’rks on mary’s window.

<metalw’rking technology is up>
<metalw’rking technology is up>

lastly, ‘enchant pow’r’ and ‘rest’ration’ art enchant’d and the wat’r collecteth’r is did complete.

sophia’s sw’rd wast a ingraft sw’rd.
the corse of the bodkin wast 80 centimet’rs longeth, and t tooketh pri’rity to treateth t with sh’rt eyes. I has’t hath tried to figure out how to maketh a charm sw’rd by ins’rting a maaki stone yond hast process’d marble in the detection dish.
how to increaseth the attacketh pow’r by wearing charm sw’rd and sw’rd attribute charm. Although t is hard to distance charm from ‘rdinary iron sw’rds, charm metal pow’rs such as mastil, mithril, adamantite, and ori kharkon art highly affectionate, and those gents tend to charm sw’rds.
although t is diff’rent from charm sw’rd, t is a ingraft art if ‘t be true the art of strengthening weapons and increasing attacketh pow’r by wielding charm weapons is a w’rld class adventur’r and article. But anyone can useth t, but sofia did teach me t is a sore art to dealeth with.

mary builds two sw’rds.
the corse of a bodkin is a large bodkin of 30 centimet’rs.
in addition, that gent hath built a double-edg’d sw’rd rath’r than a bodkin.
i bethought t wouldst beest nice if ‘t be true i couldst useth any easy-to-use t’rms.
h’re i bethought suddenly. If ‘t be true t is battlemade, ’twill beest bodkin in the thigh. I hath built an additional sacketh of bawbling swaying bodkins to sayeth.
aye i am an clotpole.

sw’rd enchant is eke enchant’d liketh a sw’rd ‘r a window.
· nameth: takumi yiruma
· raceth: family
· age: 15 years
job typeth: kajisa 48lv grant wizard 32lv
(saw 30lv wizard 46lv carpent’r 16lv alchemist 52lv sewing artisan 26lv)
leveleth: 18
· condition: health

· health: 330
· pow’r: 486
· pow’r: 147
· agility: 116
health: 208
· handling: 156
· intelligence: 204

· unique technology
emotion ex
item boxeth ex <concealment)

passive art
pow’r 2lv
intuitive 1lv
toxicity 2lv
paralytic resistance 2lv
factious art
changshu 3lv
ax liqu’r 2lv
fencing 1lv
throwing 4lv
martial arts 1lv
col’r 2lv
detection 2lv
cov’rt 2lv
tameth 1lv

charm detection 6lv
pow’r’d by 8lv
lighteth attribute charm 7lv
frightening charm 4lv
wat’r prop’rty charm 3lv
windeth prop’rty charm 2lv
landeth prop’rties charm 8lv
spatio-temp’ral prop’rty charm 3lv
did grant 5lv
alchemy 8lv
casino 6lv
woodw’rking 6lv
carpent’r 4lv
collecting 5lv
deplet’d 3lv
disassembly 4lv
mining 4lv
metalw’rk 4lv
sewing 3lv
cooking 2lv

the goddess of the goddess n’run (concealment)
· toy
killeth’r spid’r species (maple)

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