Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: i finally hath bought two people

clev’r, plus cutteth.

i hath heard the knap on the doth’r, mo fang and the staff sophia hath walked into the cubiculo.

“please sitteth down, prithee. ”

that gent stoodeth still and hath asked me to sitteth down.

“i asketh one and two questions.
sophia hath said this is an article in the yuguru kingdom. So this is unreasonable, but is’t possible to returneth to the yuguru kingdom at which hour t is releas’d in the future?
i am a blue-collar w’rk’r. I desire yond thee shall esc’rt me during logging and mining, but i misprise this role?

once th’re is a reasoneth i can’t wend backeth to mine own home state, the lady is an article and asks if ‘t be true mine own esc’rt w’rk is enow.

“bef’re yond, t wast takumi. Art thee the son of a nobleman?
“but this is not a gentle one, t is just a countryman. ”
“bef’re sophia, tuohai wast madeth by a valorous young craftsman. Anyone living nearby, thee only did earn about a month to maketh wage from doi is a valorous amount of development and craftsmanship. ”

i bethink i wast wrong with the nobles because i has’t wage. Mr. Papeki toldeth me wherefore i has’t wage.

“what doth thee bethink?”
“. the dismissal ‘r punishment of thy state is not a punishment.
t’s about esc’rts, but the w’rk itself doesn’t liketh t ‘r doesn’t liketh t. Howev’r, this fuselage cannot has’t a kendo window. The charm requir’d can’t did beat the h’rsepow’r”

sophia did chew h’r lips as if ‘t be true the lady w’re.
i careth not, but because t is an article hath called sophia, is’t a manly tone? the gap in women’s compliment extern is not s’rious.

“not anon, but i somehow did approach t.
if ‘t be true i can’t physically selleth t, prithee bid me anon. ”
“oh, nay, nay, nay, nay, nay, nay, nay, nay,

wow, t’s a cute visage yond isn’t visible at the age of 80. If ‘t be true t is the age of compliment extern, is’t about 20 years fusty? t sounds liketh a most wondrous vocabulary f’r the elves. Life expectancy is coequal 700 to 800 years. The ‘rr’r is 100 years.

“so at which hour thee buyeth sofia, t is very much poetry.
sophia is eft.
i wanteth a issue who is’t can manageth anoth’r p’rson. ”
“yes. ”
“then i did introduce yond the children involv’d in the crime w’re illegally did sell and carefully did adjust. Only one cut-purse honjjul wast able to has’t m’re children and a sir phobia, did introduce to the smith, th’re is nay lodging to beest hath caught in childhood, the introduction of children between those folk recommend’d issue.
prithee bringeth mary. ”

moulin toldeth the staff.

aft’r a while, this wench is liketh me.
i admireth the wond’rful red-hair’d figure w’rld. T seemeth to beest doubtful if ‘t be true 10 people and 10 people art looking at the leveleth of the big tits wench backeth, bethink not big eyes and skin art translucent, wench, sticking backeth from behind, arms and forks f’r coequal longeth’r, wherefore not selleth.

“it may beest strange yond the lady didn’t selleth until the lady wast 6 years fusty, but the lady didn’t selleth t. At this dinn’r, mine own grandfath’r claim’d yond the issue wouldst not selleth bef’re becoming an adult.
mary is just an adult. ”

as longeth as the equipment is completeth, th’re is nay wench of this leveleth.

“maria teaches reading, writing, and doing housew’rk. ”
“can i asketh a bawbling questioneth?”
“okay, what am i?”

i did see h’r eyes, but i feeleth yond th’re is nay desp’rate eye in mine own life.

“i am talking to takumi, prithee asketh maria some questions.
if ‘t be true thee cometh to me and wanteth to leaveth the house to management, is’t tis fine? the house hast a living cubiculo on the first flo’r and four cubiculos and bathrooms on the upp’r leveleth of the dining cubiculo kitchen. If ‘t be true t is sore to manageth t yourself,

in mine own questioneth, maria bethought and answ’r’d a dram.

“please cometh to takumi’s ‘riginal house management duties from h’re.
i bethink coequal if ‘t be true i am high-lone, the numb’r of people in the cubiculo is v’ry valorous. ”

at which hour i hath heard the answ’r, i did see the moulin rouge.

“maria is 80 gold chinks”
“no problem, so prithee”
“then i shall prepareth mary.
lat’r, the lady ent’r’d into a slave contracteth with sofia and maria.
moulin shall payeth three gold chinks and receiveth the tax in the first year and receiveth 10 gold chinks. Separateth the slave contracteth between sofia and maria in a private cubiculo.
bef’re yond, i shall not f’rget to putteth a nose and a monit’r in sofia and beshrew the beshrew. If ‘t be true thee disp’rse aft’r signing a slave contracteth, the slave contracteth shall beest cancell’d each timeth thee beshrew.
mull’r, the exclusive mill’r of the mullan slave tradeth, hath met sophia, mine own slave contracteth with maria. Then, a slave modeleth hath appeared und’r mine own neck and those gents becameth mine own slaves.

“mast’r, i encourageth thee to stayeth with me f’r a longeth timeth. ”
“mast’r, thanketh thee”

i b’rrow’d mine own shouldst’r from sofia and wenteth home from pappukku’s carriage.
in the transp’rtation of the residence, mr. Pappekku couldst not beareth and hath asked me.

“can thee cureth the deficit of takumi-sama?”
“mr. Pappekku, anon i sayeth t is unreasonable. just needeth to ent’r a leveleth, talketh not anym’re”
“yes, yond’s right.
i wonneth’t hark to this.
i hath heard yond the god who is’t can healeth the deficit of the kingdom of god is the pope. ”

sophia, who is’t hadst hath heard the st’ry of mr. Nappepekku, suddenly cameth to grabeth mine own armeth.
sophia’s visage is closeth to the beauty yond is closeth at handeth, because the reasoneth is yond the reasoneth hast been broken.

“do thee useth the charm of lighteth attributes to cureth the deficit?”
“no, t’s still a bunch anon.
but i shall doth something anon’r ‘r lat’r. Sophia cameth to esc’rt h’r, but the lady didn’t has’t a right handeth and couldn’t catcheth the bodkin.
“the sw’rd shall beest a sw’rd-shap’d shaketh. ”

sophia wanteth to believeth, but the lady looks at me with an incredibly complex expression.

“oh, the beshrew is curs’d because thee can useth charm spells in attribute charm,” that gent hath said.

sophia pick’d up the h’rsepow’r in h’r corse with a carriage.

“the magical pow’r of moving h’rsepow’r is fascinating!”
“how, how doth thee stayeth halcyon, sophia wagon”

the excit’d sophia calm’d down somehow.
s’rry f’r the inconvenience, because t is sore to useth charm this timeth, but ’twill halcyon thee down.
mr. Pappukku hast a visage yond that gent curs’d and curs’d

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