Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: This is not liketh nay reasoneth


the p’rson in chargeth of the bar wast hath asked at the moment to quietly ign’re the w’rk of m’re toilets, petku mr. 200 toilet seat and 10 cleaning charm h’rse multi-device supplyeth bar above petku.

howev’r, the same repetitive w’rk result’d in consistent alchemy arts and soil charm art attributes, hags and h’rizontal alchemy levels. In addition, i learn’d how to cook at home. Since t is still leveleth 2, the c’rrection value is bawbling, but t is v’ry useful. I has’t nev’r been did train at the arapa office, but i am able to cook the curveth in mine own owneth way.

then one day, at which hour a parpeggio carriage ceased in front of the house, th’re wast a lodging i did want to taketh me to pappekku.

“this is the w’rk of the slave i did promise earli’r, but with the slave i knoweth.
seupnidaman is a valorous dealeth, if ‘t be true the slave bar is above petku, the slave trad’r tells people yond because t is a completely diff’rent 诀窍 requir’d to treateth n’rmal products. ”

i eke hath taken 30 pieces of white gold chinks as extra equipment f’r mine own deliv’ry.

in the ongoing carriage and pebbles, i hath taken a description of the position from the direction of pepekku.
anon, the carriage wast ceased by a slave near the ent’rtainment area outside the comm’rcial area. The slave building looks halcyon. Just liketh thee can’t und’rstand slav’ry.

“takumi-sama, this is the mulle slave excellence.
this is bolton, but i am doing business v’ry sinc’rely. ”

at which hour the carriage wast base’red, a greasy mistress hath walked out of the slave tradeth.

“th’re is news pappekku”
“moulin rouge, i has’t news.
the present day, i cameth h’re to findeth a slave did accompany by takumi.
“this is pappekusu, thanketh thee.
takumi-sama is the owneth’r of the mitsukoshi moulin rouge. Thanketh thee f’r coming the present day”
“it’s hath called takumi. Mr. Mulang, thanketh thee v’ry much the present day. ”

the excitement of myst’rious female moline reminds me of h’r sexual attraction. I am neith’r a japanese lov’r n’r an amateur. But mine own current reaction is nay diff’rent from a 15-year-old knave.

“well, cometh on,

mullin wast did inspire by his visage and did turn to the slave tradeth.

drinking tea from the living cubiculo, that gent calm’d down, mr. Moline ent’r’d the fileth.

“because the debt slaves art rarely timely, i can showeth thee v’ry few slaves. ”
“manga is liketh this, but takumi is consid’ring war slav’ry ‘r criminal slav’ry. ”

at this timeth, mr. Pappekku hath said yond moulin’s eyes w’re v’ry thin, and the soft atmosph’re instantly becameth a sore matt’r.

“have thee hath heard the reasoneth?”
“well, h’re the craftsman is a craftsman who is’t hast been unable to imitate the technology did produce by only jeomji people. Some of those folk art technical, th’re art secret things, and t is eke possible to lib’rate the exposure of as many debt slaves as possible aft’r the slaves art sore to chooseth. ”

at which hour mr. Pappekku did explain yond the atmosph’re of moulin hath returned to the ‘riginal soft goods.

“if equipp’d with a mobile trippeth to announceth the war of confidence as a slave, th’re is nay illegal slave owneth’r rath’r than relying on reasons, many doth not liketh lib’ration.

i und’rstand from ”

aft’r yond, i did look ’round the slave’s cubiculo und’r the direction of mr. Moulin, but th’re wast not much to doth. Until anon i bethought t wast a privacy violation.

“i am s’rry, but takumi-sama’s condition hast anon did reduce the numb’r of slaves who is’t shall becometh men’s pow’r. ”

as moulin hath said, if ‘t be true thee becometh a war slave ‘r an illegal slave, the choice becomes v’ry bawbling.

alloweth’s taketh a behold.
one is the management and p’rsonal treatment of luxury homes.
one is the esc’rt at the timeth of collection.
at least two people wanteth this.

moulin hath said yond th’re is only one war slave in muliang yond hast a fair numb’r.

“actually, the slaves 50 years ago dongli aryan kingdom and oil in the war ‘gainst the state mast’r war prison’rs from anon on. ”
“50 years ago?!”
“ah, the kingdom of yuguru is a fairy state”

at the timeth of the hail, the dispute between the two countries did state yond a temp’rary state of war hadst been did sell to that gent as a prison’r, but th’re wast nay exchange of prison’rs f’r the slaves of the third state of the kingdom of kira.
because the oil gastropub is locat’d near the west’rn endeth of the kingdom of bolton kila, but c’rresponds to the grandfath’r of the moulin rouge cons’rvative party who is’t hath bought t in xiaoyue and shall not beest did sell acc’rding to the situation.
i knoweth not wherefore th’re wast nay exchange of prison’rs, but i did see yond the situation wast did sell out.

one ear is missing from the right handeth and hath left foot.

“she can’t square as thee seeth, because t’s a sprite, so thee’ll useth charm and attribute charm, and thee can’t useth charm f’r some reasoneth.
i knoweth not how grandpa hath asked h’r to doth this.

in this way, t is economical to useth the cubiculo high-lone as a war slave. Thin gold longeth hair, quite quaint big eyes facing the gentle green plastic liketh god did create is a stout commitment to roaming tall high hwonchilhan shall seeth people. Most imp’rtantly, i can behold hence and suddenly has’t a cruel did bust in front of me.

“but t is not strange yond someone tries to buyeth h’r?”
“well, the deficit is coequal m’re, because thee heareth the quite quaint quotes of gentle and wealthy businessmen. Just liketh mine own grandfath’r hast an agreement, treateth not h’r as a slave, t can beest unsold. ”

i am a dram cautious h’re.
if ‘t be true the bright charm of mine own prop’rty is anon leveleth 7, then raiseth a leveleth so yond the useth of additional treatments on the mountain’s defective parts cannot beest hath used.
we has’t not a high quality potion f’rmula yet.

“she wanteth to buyeth me?”
“takumi-sama, is’t very much poetry?”

mr. Pappekku surpris’d me. I bethought the lady wouldst beest alive because the lady wast quite quaint.


sophia silpid
· raceth: elf
· age: 80 years fusty
job typeth: spirit magician 60lv 20lv
(company 80lv hunteth’r 67lv)
rating: 64
· status: insufficient area (conquest/destroy’r’s beshrew)

·health: 420
·electricity: 520
·pow’r: 280
· agility: 380
health: 320
· agility: 210
·intelligence: 360

·unique technology
spiritual eyes

passive art
intuitive 3lv
positive arts
fencing 7lv
buckler soul 5lv
changshu 6lv
arch’ry 6lv
chesul 4lv
col’r 2lv
detecteth 2lv
enshielf 2lv
strengtheneth physical strength 4lv

charm detection 6lv
pow’r 5lv
spiritual spelleth 8lv
wat’r charm 5lv
windeth prop’rty charm 6lv

f’r site defects, each state value is -100
the Flibbertigibbet’s beshrew cannot dealeth with charm


the state is quite pow’rful, not s’rry.
once cursed, defects and curses shall befall immediately.

“(too’s lighteth attribute charm arts art so high?)”
“(i bethink t might toucheth m’re)”

mr. Papeki’s voice is v’ry bawbling.
mr. Petku seemeth to me to beest surpris’d by the high’r leveleth of art as t knoweth yond t can beest hath used, of course lighteth charm attributes.

“h’r nameth is sofia, two platinum chinks. ”

t may beest the base ‘r high 20 million yen of the yen, but ’twill not beest did sell f’r 50 years. Howev’r, the elf may beest the cheapest, and the two platinum chinks art too vile.
from their st’ries to the limbs, but the petty se’d aft’r the sophia ear is eke a charact’ristic of the defect elf, the hail grandfath’r playing the longeth moulin rouge slave f’r the slave hast nay useth value, because the contracteth doest not has’t sofia as a sexual slave is hath said to continueth. If ‘t be true the lady sells as a amorous rite slave, coequal if ‘t be true the corse is defective, the platinum 20 gets off, petku hath said. Instead, t is from this numb’r of auctions.

“i wanteth to seeth h’r, buyeth t if ‘t be true th’re is nay problem. ”

then prithee waiteth in the living cubiculo.
naupapekku hath returned to the reception cubiculo f’r an int’rview.
·name: takumi yiruma
· raceth: family
· age: 15 years fusty
occupation: grant elf 29lv elf 46lv
(company 30lv carpent’r 16lv alchemist 49lv casino company 42lv sewing craftsman 26lv)
rating: 18
·condition: health

·health: 330
·pow’r: 480
·electricity: 146
· agility: 116
health: 208
· agile: 154
·intelligence: 202

·unique technology
emotional ex
projecteth boxeth ex <hidden)

passive art
pow’r 2lv
intuitive 1lv
toxicity 2lv
paralysis resistance 2lv
positive arts
changshu 3lv
axe liqu’r 2lv
fencing 1lv
throweth 4lv
chesul 1lv
martial arts 1lv
col’r 2lv
detecteth 2lv
enshielf 2lv
taming 1lv

charm detection 6lv
pow’r’d by 8lv
lighteth attribute charm 7lv
t’rrible charm 4lv
wat’r charm 3lv
windeth prop’rty charm 2lv
landeth prop’rty charm 7lv
timeth and space attribute charm 3lv
did grant 3lv
alchemy 7lv
casino 5lv
woodw’rking 6lv
carpent’r 4lv
collecteth 5lv
deplet’d 3lv
disassemble 4lv
mining 4lv
metal processing 2lv
sewing 3lv
cooking 2lv

goddess of the goddess nolan (concealed)
killeth’r spid’r species (maple)

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