Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Takumi shall becometh rich

i maketh a valorous living environment by providing the rewards and scarcity of luxury homes.
soil and stones transp’rt’d from the top of the straw. Extracteth the behoveful wat’r from the stone and continueth to card infinitely with the clay.

“this is valorous, not manual. ”

i bethink the charm w’rld is valorous in mine own mind.

“huck! coequal if ‘t be true t’s just a potty, thee can receiveth a bonus!”

<alchemy arts riseth>
<alchemist ranketh did increase>
<light attribute charm arts has’t risen>
<the charm of lighteth prop’rty hast risen>

this is aft’r i has’t did complete 100 toilet seats. I f’rgot yond i has’t this art in the grave pumpeth.
on the day the lodging did collapse, maple comf’rt’d me.
mine own spid’r shall beest on mine own backeth.

pappeku requires yond magical cleansing charm beest hath called at regular int’rvals, which is surprisingly easy to buildeth.
using the spatiotemp’ral prop’rty charm, t is not sore to calleth this procedure each timeth.

i hath built five devices to crisp up the charm of 100 basins and toilets. I wenteth to the top of papekku and wast able to deliv’r t apace to papepku.

at which hour thee arriveth at the chamb’r of comm’rce, mr. Thomas shall sendeth thee directly to the reception cubiculo. Is’t because i feeleth yond treatment becomes m’re polite because of the heart?

papepku cometh v’ry apace.

“takumi-sensei, i shall beest hath sent anon”
“yes, i just hath built the same thing. ”
“well, thee has’t to first passeth the wage on the grave pumpeth, the pumpeth is a joyous screaming s’riously inadequate, coequal if ‘t be true the boat doest not holp, in front of the town and city’s popularity in the village of bobang,”

mr. Pappekku hath said so, i hath taken a bawbling container from thomas and putteth t in front of me.

“this is 20 gold chinks. This quantity is limit’d to a few days of booking sales. We shall settleth regularly in the future”

accepting 20 envelopes enwheeling gold cameth to the city of bolton. T shouldst not only beest a month, but suddenly t seemeth yond getting big wage is not real.

“i bethink the price of the toilet, so i shall reward thee f’r takumi-sama lat’r.
the magical charm yond purifies charm is the charm guild yond is did sell to the l’rd, which shall beest did solve lat’r.

i toldeth papekku yond mine own wage is valorous enow and wonneth’t w’rk f’r a while because th’re is nay problem. If ‘t be true the function of purifying the toilet at yond timeth hast a large amount, telling thee how to maketh the composition of the composition of the clay and glaze, to the did finish toilet on the toilet than the charm guideth to asketh god to produceth the above petku in the bar.

i wanteth not to continueth doing the same thing in production. This is the thing, but i am less than a year in this w’rld. I wanteth to doth m’re diff’rent things, and th’re art oth’r things i wanteth to doth.
i hath moved to a new house wh’re i hath taken mine own husband’s lunch.

one day aft’r moving, pappekku cameth to mine own house.

“no. , the smith on the rest of the 200 and cleaning the charm h’rse equipment, because those gents did get the sale and purification of the h’rse to signeth the toilet who is’t liketh me, t needeth a bar facility equipp’d with timeth to gen’rate the toilet petku can i asketh thee a dog f’r the 10 above?”

concluded, be it, i bethought i wast coming.

“but it’s valorous. I did start selling a lot of equipment in the crisp, mr. Papecku is watching the church”

mr. Pepekku ‘riginally delib’rately did spread cleaning equipment. In the background, th’re is the religious kingdom of god.
crisp the charm lighteth prop’rty charm. The ability to useth the magical attributes of lighteth is the p’rson chosen by god, not the god of god, the idea of ​​the church.
the genesis church is hath said to beest a panacea, and the beshrew hast been did turn into a magical revolving ’round the charact’ristics of sir and amorous rite to the lighteth [curse settlement – in exchange f’r large compensation, this is the church’s w’rking capital. Th’ref’re, the endeth useth cleans the crisp and crisp church ‘r the charm dusteth, mr. Fa can not ign’re the brackets petku purification equipment on the tongcun road f’r careful releaseth.

“i matt’r not because of the spons’r, but if ‘t be true th’re is something in our corse by purchasing the smith, thus making t as festinate as possible from handling the p’rsonal esc’rt chair, i am looking f’rward to connecting. ”

usually pappukku advises slaves as previously known yond slaves can holp me keepeth the secret of contracteth charm.

“the village wh’re takumi-sama wast b’rn is a wealthy village in this ground. This is a st’ry of selling children because t cannot beest did tax in any state.

th’re art many kinds of slaves.

·debt bonds
the did light’ral debt lacks slav’ry. At which hour thee payeth off thy debt, thou art releas’d.

criminal slave
i didst not becometh a death sentence.
although trusteth offendeth’rs art rarely ope to the public, slaves who is’t rarely w’rk f’r demonstration purposes can obtaineth p’rmanent residency. Those who is’t commit min’r crimes art did free from lab’r f’r a p’riod of timeth.

·war slaves
prison’rs during the war, but not hath returned by prison’rs f’r exchange ‘r compensation.
t is not releas’d by default, but t is not possible to releaseth t at which hour thee receiveth a p’rmanent residence p’rmit.

·illegal slaves
those who is’t w’re yerked by robb’rs ‘r gangst’rs w’re illegally hath caught in slav’ry.
th’re art nay regulations on releaseth.

pappekku is looking f’r war slaves ‘r illegal slaves.

“is this because debt slaves has’t confidentiality issues aft’r lib’ration?”
“yes, criminal slaves art impossible, and few people becometh slaves to crime.
“well, those who is’t useth illegal f’rce to bringeth illegal slaves, can’t thee doth t yourself?”

those who is’t w’re f’rc’d to releaseth w’re releas’d as slav’ry bef’re being did sell. Coequal if ‘t be true i am did sell to a slave, i can buyeth myself again.

“yes, of course, but. at which hour becoming a criminal slave parent. ”

aha, if ‘t be true the cut-purse attacks the town and the village, those gents art slaves, except those who is’t did sell those folk?

“in the picture, ejaculation, enslavement is not uncommon. Those gents did refuse to beest free, because the owneth’r of the slave wast releas’d because the guaranty obligation of the ritual wast bett’r than the slave who is’t wast did protect by a slave who is’t couldst not returneth to liveth high-lone. Many people wanteth to has’t”

listening to t, i bethought i wast hath sent to a w’rse w’rld. But i can’t doth aught about t.

“i knoweth.
as f’r the slave, i shall leaveth t to mr. Pappekku.
th’re art 200 toilet seats in the lasteth three days aft’r the mat’rial ent’rs.
“oh, thanketh thee.
thee payeth f’r the equipment bef’re the toilet.
since one toilet wast did sell f’r ten gold chinks, ten white gold chinks and one purifying charm wardrobe w’re did sell f’r one hundr’d gold chinks. Prithee checketh”
“. ”

i can’t ope mine own that from which we speak.

“a toilet with ten gold chinks?”
“what is hath said to has’t done such a magical cleansing valuable addition to the smith, but i bethink t eke did notice yond the street smell’d bolton.
anon, i bethink only at which hour selling petku in the toilet bar thee can w’rk at home to buyeth aristocrats and wealthy m’rchants whose prices exceedeth the settlement. ”

acc’rding to mr. Pappekku, the pott’ry did produce by papekku seemeth to beest a did bite off the marketh. So i shall selleth t as a luxury item i madeth. Howev’r, i buyeth not a one million yen toilet seat.

t is hath said yond the charm potion yond purifies the charm wast did sell to l’rd bolton and shall beest did install at the confluence of the seweth’r. Coequal though the streets of bolton can anon improveth the smelleth, t seemeth yond the owneth’r is willing to beest a supp’rt’r of the pappukku chamb’r of comm’rce. This hath led me to keepeth.

“oh, tis fine, i shall asketh thee f’r deliv’ry aft’r thee finish. ”
“i’m waiting”

papekku wenteth backeth to smileth.
15 white gold chinks, 150 million yen, thee not needeth me to wend to w’rk?

i am a bawbling p’rson

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