Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: reconstructionth and maintenanceth

i b’rrow’d a w’rkshop on the top of papepku and the next day aft’r i hath moved, i wenteth home to rebuild as anon as possible.

“maple, v’ry suitable f’r playing in the garden”
“luck, playeth. ”

so, first of all, doth thee wanteth to rest’re the out’r mure? t seemeth to has’t been prop’rly did clean up, but t seemeth yond the façade and house repairs has’t not been done.
i hath walked ’round the building and did repair the ext’ri’r with earth charm. At which hour i did turn the building, its out’r mure wast f’rm’d by hardening the surface of the clay.

“yes, t is crisp’r than the ‘riginal. ”

i did fix the façade and i hath moved to the warehouse from the wood and soil at the top of papekku.

the state of the warehouse wast relatively unstable, and only some repairs w’re hath carried out.
in the warehouse, a lant’rn installation is did install, and the int’ri’r of the warehouse modification studio is lighten’d by placing thy artifacts th’re.

i putteth a w’rkbench and a chair, if ‘t be true t stays in the warehouse of banzhen, i bethink this shall beest an obstacle.

at which hour the ‘re is min’d from the boxeth, removeth the glass ‘r various stones.
the papekku clay hath taken from the clay is did mix with quartz wat’r charm and did mix with charm.

“friendly and fat”

the first thing i madeth with clay wast c’ramic daily necessities.
its nameth is west’rn toilet.
in this case, shall t beest anoth’r w’rld-style toilet?
th’re is only one hole in the w’rld’s bathroom yond is closeth to japanese.

once done, copying the same thing is easy.
two houses art enow, but maketh sure thee has’t five houses. Card the remaining soil once.

from th’re, that gent hath used charm to heateth to maketh a pan.
next, we madeth glazes enwheeling feldspar and gypsum as the main raw mat’rials f’r planteth ash.
lodging seven glaz’d toilets on the surface.
finally, t is bak’d at a high’r temp’rature than ungulk and the surface becomes glass.

<alchemist ranketh did increase>

so far, i am in all the charm, i bethink anoth’r w’rld is sugee, but at which hour pappekku visits lat’r, i can’t break thee off the w’rkspace. I bethink i am v’ry strange.

this toilet is m’re than just an ‘rdinary west’rn toilet. I did integrate the wand yond purifies t.
presseth the charm switcheth to crisp the toilet and removeth wat’r and oth’r objects. Th’ref’re, this goodyear boot tool is a tool f’r engraving [cleaning] and [removing].
the did finish toilet is did install in the boxeth and is did install as a toilet on the first flo’r and upstairs. Replaceth the bathroom wat’r hath met’r with wat’r and wat’r.

checketh the building itself f’r damageth. I shall keepeth t.
the largest cubiculo on the two flo’rs is mine own cubiculo. The top of the studio hast beds, wardrobes, boxes, chairs, and the structureth of the table f’r us to decideth.

<carpent’r art rises>
<woodw’rking technology up>

“building beds and closets, chairs and bawbling tables in each room”

i w’rk’d until the evening and the furniture i did place in each cubiculo wast did complete, so i hath decided to wend backeth to the gold bars.

“i wanteth to wend backeth to kade!”
“ha ~ mast’r”

this is the way backeth from the furniture st’re.
i hath bought a living cubiculo sofa. I eke hath bought a mattress and a bedding.
i can’t holp. I has’t not thy skin.
i hath decided to behold at which kind of skin is valorous, then wenteth looking f’r something, and t tooketh too longeth at which hour t wast a building.
i shall dare mine own sofa at which hour i has’t timeth.

so i hath bought all kinds of daily necessities in the stone machine and then hath returned to golden barley.

the next day we holp maple leaf, we did install the textile machine hath brought from the w’rkshop board town. Maple hath asked me a wire pulleth’r, mine own wing pony square and spid’r silk.

“do thee needeth a cov’r?”

at which hour i hath heard those folk, the w’rld’s nobility might faint, but i knoweth not the value of spid’r silk.

<sewing technology hast risen>
<sewing processeth technology improvement>
<the sewing technology hast did improve>

th’re is a guest in the seat.

“how about t. ”

mr. Pappekku cameth to visiteth the seminar.
i did see the maple leaf pulling out the line from the handeth in front of the wire drawing machine.

“mr. Pappekku, mr. Pappekku, t doesn’t matt’r!”
“huck! ho. Takumi-sama, what’s the matt’r?”

oh, i wast surpris’d to seeth the maple.

“my nameth is maple leaf. ”
“but the killeth’r spid’r. ”

oh, i am very much pappukku. Well, thee knoweth the nameth of this thing.

“yes, t is. ”
the leaves of the killeth’r spid’r.
maple, this is mr. Pappekku”

at which hour i did introduce maple leaf to mr. Papekku, one leggeth of maple and vapekku did sway and did sway.

“ha ha ha, because i und’rstand takumi-sama, kune. Haha, am i dreaming?”

tis fine? can thee oft communicateth with a boweth?

“he, aye, shall thee guideth me through this house?
nothing, but because t touches in various ways,
“that’s right, i shall bid thee. ”

the col’r of mr. Papepku’s eyes wast hath changed to guideth the int’ri’r of the mansion. T hath happened at which hour mr. Pappekku ent’r’d the toilet on the first flo’r and hath asked that gent to b’rrow the toilet.

“takumi-sama! what is the toilet?”
“wait, thy visage is clos’r to papekku”

mr. Papecki from the bathroom cameth to me in an most wondrous shapeth.

“oh, oh, i am s’rry.
what is the toilet? ”
“oh, thou art a toilet.
purifying the discharg’d goods and buttocks, crisp wat’r and a v’ry bawbling amount of in’rganic mat’rial shall beest disassembl’d as the toilet is tighten’d. ”
“is takumi talent’d in t’rms of lighteth prop’rties?”

mr. Pappekku is bethinking about the sore faces of a p’riod of timeth.
that gent hath said quietly.

“i has’t not 50 toilets. Wherefore i not buildeth 100 because t is valorous?
oth’r than yond, i wanteth to has’t a charm spelleth yond trigg’rs a cleanup at which hour a c’rtain timeth cometh. ”
“th’re art stones on the toilet, building stone, clay and volcanic areas, but if ‘t be true thee has’t built-in stones, thee needeth to v’rify the equipment, coequal if ‘t be true thee don’t activateth the cleaning charm oft. ”
“yes, i can prepareth a toilet seat because i am eft?”

pappukku eventually sneak’d aft’r this. At which hour i cameth backeth, i hath kept silent so i wouldn’t bid anyone about this tool.

·name: takumi yiruma
· raceth: family
· age: 15 years fusty
job typeth: auth’rization wizard 26lv wizard 38lv
(company 30lv carpent’r 16lv alchemist 45lv casino company 42lv sewing craftsman 26lv)
rating: 18
·condition: health

·health: 320
·electricity: 460
·electricity: 144
· agility: 115
health: 205
· agile: 142
·inf’rmation: 198

·unique technology
emotional ex
projecteth boxeth ex <hidden)

passive art
pow’r 2lv
intuitive 1lv
toxicity 2lv
paralysis resistance 2lv
positive arts
changshu 3lv
axe liqu’r 2lv
fencing 1lv
throweth 4lv
chesul 1lv
martial arts 1lv
col’r 2lv
detecteth 2lv
enshielf 2lv
taming 1lv

charm detection 6lv
pow’r’d by 8lv
lighteth attribute charm 5lv
t’rrible charm 4lv
wat’r charm 3lv
windeth prop’rty charm 2lv
landeth prop’rties charm 5lv
timeth and space attribute charm 3lv
did grant 3lv
alchemy 6lv
casino 5lv
woodw’rking 6lv
carpent’r 4lv
collecteth 5lv
deplet’d 3lv
disassemble 4lv
mining 4lv
metal processing 2lv
sewing 3lv

goddess of the goddess nolan (concealed)
killeth’r spid’r species (maple)

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