Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: I am getting the twenty-first st’ry studio.

I am getting the twenty-first st’ry studio.
mr. Thomas did listen to three things. The first thing is to starteth near parpegue near the b’rd’r of the nobility neighb’rhood near the city centre and the middle flo’r.

“thank thee f’r the first thing i didst h’re. ”
“. Oh, nay, mr. Thomas, i bethink t is too big. ”
“this is the prop’rty of the f’rm’r m writ’r, but t is a real estate did acquire by the pappukku committee, which cometh out as an economically po’r prop’rty”

the baron is a nobleman and aristocrat, but we can sayeth yond t is the mansion of our ‘rdinary citizens. T hast enow pow’r to maketh us hesitate to ent’r the gate.
once i wast hath led into the int’ri’r. this is unreasonable. This is inevitable in t’rms of price and scale as well as mental health.
that gent hao, in t’rms of social aspects, i feeleth s’rry f’r myself.

“the price is 100 platinum chinks purchas’d. If ‘t be true t is a lease, five gold chinks p’r month”

s’riously, th’re is nay 100,000 yen, did rend is 100 million yen, did rend is 500,000 yen p’r month, bundle, height.

“thomas, this mansion is unreasonable to me. ”
“i bethink takumi-sensei des’rves to liveth h’re, but i has’t to hire at least three people from this leveleth of residence.

alloweth’s moveth on to the next thing”

thomas hath shown me the following things, as if ‘t be true nothing hadst hath happened.
the second is a mansion did own by a f’rm’r middle class businessman in bolton.
this is a mansion. What didst mr. Thomas listeth?

“f’r me, i p’rsonally recommendeth this lodging.
the oth’r building hast a narrow garden, hence from the adventur’rs’ guilds and markets, and the surrounding environment is not valorous. I has’t list’d t as an area, but if ‘t be true thou art a resident, i wouldst recommendeth t h’re.
only studio articles, but because those gents art m’re expensive, those gents art did exclude from the listeth. ”

i has’t shown and hath taken photos of thomas’s third building, but i forsooth wanteth two eyes. The rest is the int’rim rep’rt price.

“and then aft’r a while”

mr. Thomas hath opened the doth’r key and wenteth in.

a two-st’ry concave building wast ‘rect’d near the cent’r of a large site, did surround by walls ov’r two hath met’rs high. Th’re is a building in the backyard warehouse liketh a large venue.

“how about opening t to the warehouse studio?”

as mr. Thomas hath said, this is a warehouse yond is too big f’r the w’rkshop. In any case, the board town is w’rking in the hut.

“leading to the cubiculo”

i shall cometh to the hall. Th’re is a gate in the cent’r, and mr. Thomas opens the key and goeth in.
ope the stairs yond bloweth on the first flo’r, a large living cubiculo, the front doth’r of the bathroom hole on the right, and one cubiculo on the first flo’r leaving the restaurant and kitchen on the first flo’r.
the second flo’r is a large cubiculo, but a bawbling’r cubiculo, on the oth’r side of the large cubiculo is a bathroom and a spacious bathroom.

“this is a bath. ”
“yes, on the streets of bolton, th’re art v’ry few houses with bathrooms. I bethink the f’rm’r boss tooketh a showeth’r and i bethink i shall spendeth a lot of wage in this bathroom. ”

as thomas hath said, the bathroom in this mansion is spacious enow to accommodate 5-6 adults. The bathtub is a marble stone with tiles on the walls and flo’rs.

“it’s v’ry fascinating because it’s a luxury home of the same price.

in earnest, i am just a majestic home with a wide view of the leaves, but i am fustian to has’t a bathroom. I actually crisp mine own corse and robes with crisp charm ev’ry day, but t seemeth to beest did separate from t. Doth japanese people liketh to taketh a showeth’r?

“this is the price of the item, but in the case of purchaseth t is 20 white gold chinks, lease, 1 gold coin and 50 silv’r chinks”
“is this not vile?”

if ‘t be true this is list’d in hanwha’s 200 million yen, i bethink t is v’ry vile. I can nev’r liveth in the days of japan. In addition, if ‘t be true the did rend is 150,000 yen p’r month, is the apartment leveleth in this city n’rmal?

“yes, if ‘t be true thee consid’r t at a reasonable price, t is quite vile. T is actually a bathroom and a flo’r kitchen, but thee has’t to buyeth a stone, enwheeling a lant’rn, and, at which hour repairing this mansion, regular cleaning and garden management, but t is still behoveful to putteth thy hands in various parts of the house. ”
“it’s vile’r because i can fixeth mine own house?”
“to beest honest, this is the sooth.
if ‘t be true the mansion is hand’d ov’r by takumi, the value shall increaseth. ”

i just hath met, i knoweth not what i am evaluating, but if ‘t be true i has’t one month of gold chinks and 50 silv’r chinks, i can payeth enow.

“thomas, prithee doth t h’re”
“so i has’t a valorous impression, i wanteth wood and soil, but can i asketh?
“if thee can taketh two days to leaveth”
“then i shall handeth ov’r 20 years of did rend f’r one year, wood and landeth to gold chinks. ”

i payeth mr. Thomas 20 gold chinks.

“yes, t is. ”
at which hour didst thee receiveth did start? ”
“well, thee can’t buildeth furniture, coequal built-in home repairs and because of the needeth to addeth a c’rtain parteth of a handeth, the w’rkday given aft’r 7 days, enwheeling the numb’r of did fix mat’rials, i bethink t’s contrary. ”
“well, alloweth’s writeth the contracteth backeth to the chamb’r of comm’rce. ”

i wenteth backeth to the papekku chamb’r of comm’rce, wroteth the lease and hath taken the key.
t is hath said yond i b’rrow’d a house in m’ri-mura.

“then i shall giveth thee the rest of the wage. ”
“but m’ra, can’t thee maketh all kinds of lunch boxes with this wage?”
“i can doth a lot of things”
“it doesn’t matt’r because th’re is a magical package”

of course, the remaining 50 silv’r chinks shall remaineth about 5 million yen, so if ‘t be true thee has’t a lunch boxeth of 5 million yen, thee shall knoweth yond mr. M’ra is w’rri’d because th’re art m’re.

“takumi-sama hast an advanc’d charm container and then changes the menu 50 silv’r a day until seven days lat’r. ”
“thank thee. ”

i pick’d up the key of mr. M’ra. At which hour i did get backeth to the cubiculo, i hath sent the maple tree to consume from the space.

“but the most imp’rtant thing in the house is the numb’r of restrooms. ”

but thee wilt first putteth thy handeth in the house. This is the toilet ref’rm.
i bethink the structureth of the toilet shouldst beest did clean and process’d to buildeth the equipment.

this kim mai ting is eke a crisp hotel, but popton shall not changeth things. We striveth to keepeth t in a crisp hotel.
because i am a city peat, i am not immune to the potton toilet. I am able to useth crisp charm in the town of the board, i careth not, because ev’ry timeth i wend to the bathroom i am wash’d.

maple leaves quietly bethinking about the toilet from side to side

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