Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 44

Hi there.

Horrible news, I’m updating this though my phone because the lines of my internet have apparently taken physical damage and will therefore need to be replaced. I have reported it 2 days ago but the isp have yet to come fix it. So, push comes to shove, I’ll tl more on my phone, which takes much more effort. I’m sorry for more delays this causes. Please pardon the mistakes I make, if any.

Ignore this READ CHAPTER link and click the QUESTION MARK?.

>>> <<<

If you happen upon a chapter written incomprehensibly, then you are in the bot bait chapter. Please read my post properly or look at TOC so you will be lead to the REAL chapter.

Old bot distraction links will eventually disappear, not that they were ever interesting.. unless of course you like multilingual-machine-translated-turned-badly-comedic-old-English chapters, then I’m sorry xD lol So, if you’re reading this far from when I had initially posted and see a lot of dead links, please just don’t mind them and just keep following the instructions. (r^^’) I don’t think I’ll come back to these to fix the links.

3 thoughts on “Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 44”

  1. Hey man don’t worry about it, things like that are not something you can control. No one will blame you for taking longer to release something we get to read for free anyways (at least no one SHOULD blame you, some people are just asses though)

  2. I don’t know if your mobile phone has “Hotspot & Tethering” function or not. If available, you can use your phone to act as modem and connect with your computer either by a USB cable or wireless depends your computer set up. It is more like a stop gap measure because mobile date rate usually higher that ISP.

    • Yes, I’m aware of it but I have to use the mobile data for many things and I tend to tl while playing some random yt vids / music in the background so that would eat it up too fast. Thank you, though.

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