Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 3

Idle Talk: The Heroes’ Training

In an wide indoor training area, dull training swords shrilled.

The heroes summoned by the Divine Empire of Sydnia, Akira and Yamato, were training with a holy knight as an opponent.

Akira, wielding a sword and shield, fights tempestuously and Yamato, equipped with knuckles / knuckle duster, fights employing martial arts in mock battle.

「Is that all you’ve got?! Akira-dono!」
「Kuh! I’m not done yet!」

「Yamato! You’re neglecting your footwork!」

It’s been three months since the summoning, they train daily and level up by fighting monsters such as goblins.

Akane has a magic type job, so she’s on a different training menu and is currently in the library studying spell books.

「(A long time ago, the Goddess Anat created Humans in her likeness. Thereafter, she created the Beastkin, humans with limbs from beasts, and the Dwarves and Elves, created from fairies, for the Humans to govern.)」

Akane is reading the origin of this world that the Light God Faith preaches.

「(What is this? The Light God Faith is more dangerous than I thought.)」

Akane knows that there are two major religions in this continent. However, information regarding the Genesis Faith, whose chief deity is the Goddess Norn, is exceedingly hard to come by in this country. Once in a while, Akane acquires some from listening to stories from traveling merchants in lands near the castle.
Discussions from those times seem to advocate that “The Genesis Faith says that all races are equally the Goddess Norn’s children.”. For that reason, they say that the countries in this continent, with the exception of Triaria Kingdom and the Divine Empire of Sydnia, have Genesis Faith as their state religion or conform to a similar belief.
And it was known fact that these two countries, Triaria and Sydnia, believe in Human Supremacy.

「We have to escape to Lomaria Kingdom or Valkyra Kingdom somehow. I’ve had it with both this smelly town and castle.」

Akane declares so because large towns in Valkyra Kingdom and Lomaria Kingdom have magic devices that purify their sewer system, and the interior of their towns are very clean. She heard from merchants that recently that it has begun spreading to the royal capital of Samandour Kingdom and other countries.
With exception to Triaria Kingdom and the Divine Empire of Sydnia, there has been a rapid improvement in sanitary circumstances in recent years, with infant and elderly mortality declining and outbreaks of epidemics becoming less likely. This matter is of no surprise to Akane.

「(Still, I don’t get it. A priest stupidly said “Light magic is magic granted to the Light God Church, therefore it is outrageous to use it on filth.” , but I wonder if he was half asleep.)」

Akane’s indignation is because she knew that the 『Toilet with Purifier DM』 is spreading to the general households in Valkyra Kingdom and Lomaria Kingdom. Of course, the Divine Empire of Sydnia does not import it. Akane, who is accustomed to the electronic bidet in Japan, wants to break away from this empire as soon as possible, even if only for the squat toilet situation.

「Seriously, I’m so glad I have an aptitude for Light attribute magic.」

「So how are the heroes?」
「Ha. Akira, with the sword, and Yamato, with martial arts, have potential.」

The Holy Knight Leader Packard answered the question asked by Pope Wyvaal.

「How about the woman?」
「She has the aptitude for magic jobs, not to mention her potential with Light attribute magic. For that reason, the acquisition of knowledge takes precedence.」

The Head Magician Homer spoke of Akane’s present condition.
For a magic user, the accumulation of knowledge is helpful in using various magic.

「It may soon be time to incorporate training in ruins and monster nests.」
「That’s right, we must get the heroes to play an active role in the war with Valkyra Kingdom and Lomaria Kingdom after all.」
「Elizabeth, how is Akira?」
「Fufu, Father, a man of that degree is easy for me to handle.」

Imperial princess Elizabeth sneered icily.

Name: Akira Jinguji
Race: Human
Age: 18 years old
Job: Hero Lv1
Level: 10
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 220
Magic Power: 210
Strength: 120
Agility: 110
Stamina: 120
Dexterity: 110
Intelligence: 105

Unique Skills

Passive Skills
Active Skills
Swordplay Lv2
Shield Technique Lv1
Light Attribute Magic Lv1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv2


Name: Yamato Taiga
Race: Human
Age: 18 years old
Job: Warrior Lv1
Level: 10
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 260
Magic Power: 105
Strength: 160
Agility: 85
Stamina: 160
Dexterity: 75
Intelligence: 85

Unique Skills

Passive Skills
Active Skills
Taijutsu Lv4
Fire Attribute Magic Lv2


Name: Akane Misato
Race: Human
Age: 18 years old
Job: Priest Lv1
Level: 10
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 160
Magic Power: 260
Strength: 80
Agility: 90
Stamina: 90
Dexterity: 90
Intelligence: 160

Unique Skills
Divine Oracle ( Concealed )

Passive Skills

Active Skills
Cane Arts Lv2
Light Attribute Magic Lv3
Water Attribute Magic Lv2
Wind Attribute Magic Lv2
Cooking Lv5

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  1. Wyvaal / Warvaal – Pope’s name. It was previously written as Warvaal but was changed to Wyvaal in this chapter. Unsure if it’s a typo or not. I’ll change it when author decides to stick to one spelling.
  2. In all other statuses, cooking is placed in the active skills section so I’ll add it there for consistency.

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