Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Territory of Earl Rockford

We, a group heading for the royal capital with Margrave Volton, have left the territory of Margrave Volton and have entered the territory of Earl Rockford which is in between the royal capital, which the royal family directly controls, and the territory of Margrave Volton.

The group’s journey to the royal capital has been favorable.

Monsters the likes of Goblin and Mad Dog aren’t attacking. They do not approach for fear of Tsubaki, the Drake Horse.

Passing through villages and towns in the Rockford territory, its capital soon came into view.

「It is not to the extent of Volton’s fortress town, but scale of this town is large too.」

「Yes, it is next to the royal capital, after all.」

「I hear that its feudal lord, Lord Rockford, is on good terms with Lord Volton.」

Hee~ Sophia, where did you get that information?」

While gazing at the town of Rockford in the distance through window inside the carriage, I passed the time chatting idly with Sophia and Maria.

「I heard about it from Barack-dono and Hans-dono of the Adventurers Guild.」

「Because Lord Rockford gets along with Lord Volton, I heard he is not an arrogant scum of a noble.」

Maria talked about information from who knows where.

According to our conversations with Papeck-san and Hans-san who are well informed about the circumstances of various countries, many of the nobles of this country are fairly upright people. There are still rotten nobles that the King has yet to purge, but among the countries in this continent, the most upright is Valkyra Kingdom.

“Noblesse Oblige”. It would seem that there are many nobles that try to uphold this duty that comes hand in hand with peerage. And we’re about to visit a place that consists of those nobles.

Before long, we drew nearer the ramparts that were lower than those in Volton. Lord Volton’s carriage advanced towards an area separated from the line at the gate.

「It feels awkward moving past the people standing in the long line beside us.」

「We are treated as a part of Margrave Volton’s entourage on this occasion, after all.」

「It’s a great feeling, isn’t it.」

The petite bourgeois in me feels awkward at the preferential treatment, but Maria is feeling delightful as usual. That brazen spirit of hers is enviable.

We were able to enter the gates of Rockford thanks to Margrave Volton’s status. If we had done it normally, there might have been a slim chance to do so because of Tsubaki’s appearance.

With Margrave Volton’s in the lead, the entourage of carriages advanced to Earl Rockford’s estate in the heart of this town.

Contrary to Volton, the Rockford estate is not a fortress-like castle. I believe it would be closer to what is called a luxury mansion built on a vast plot of land. Its walls are a little high for a mansion, but that is within reason for the residence of a feudal lord.

「It’s really different from the Volton Castle, isn’t it?」

「There are numerous high ranking monsters at the border, it is necessary if there ever comes a time where the castle must house and protect its citizens.」

「You sure know a lot.」

「In the elven country, it is normal to be in proximity of the forest, as such, there are times when monsters overflow from the forest. The feudal lord’s mansion is built for the populace to have a place to take refuge in at such times.」

As expected of Sophia, the daughter of a noble in the elven country, she understands the duties a noble must carry out.

「I believe this country is considerably better. I’m especially grateful to the Volton territory. As well as to the previous president of the Moulin Slavery Company.」

The earnesty in Sophia’s words was heavy. Sophia lived for 50 years with a disabled body, not even able to go outside, but she was able to live until now because she made full use of her understanding of the governing policy of each generation of the Margrave of Volton and of the management policies of Moulin-san’s grandfather, both of which she is grateful for.

「That’s right, my village was in a rural area of Triaria Kingdom, but it was a poor village with heavy taxation. When I started living with Takumi-sama in the town of Volton, I thought, “ah so there are places like this as well”.」

Maria’s parents were killed and she herself was sold to slave traders when she was a child. She had experienced hell, but the people of this world are exceedingly resilient and strong willed.

As I was talking to the two, we arrived at the Rockford Estate.

At the foyer, Earl Rockford, together with his wife and children, came to welcome Lord Volton.

「It’s been a long time, Godwin-dono. please rest at ease at our residence today.」

「Aa, how many years has it been? Nice to see you again, Leud-dono. We will be in your care tonight.」

I think Earl Rockford is approximately the same age as Lord Volton, and is perhaps similarly a military officer like Lord Volton. Civil officials wouldn’t bring out that kind of mood.

「Godwin-dono, we are honored to receive you on your journey to the royal capital. Rod, Emilia, your greetings.」

「Lord Volton, my name is Rod, the eldest son of the Rockford house.」


The elegant Madam Rockford, who is in her mid-30’s, gave her greetings to Lord Volton, and a boy around 10 years old and a girl around 5-6 years old followed with their greetings.

「Madam Rose, you are as beautiful as ever. The two children seem bright as well, the Rockford lineage is surely secure.」

「Godwin-dono, please relax first inside. It has been a while as well, Papeck Company President. You have been quite prosperous as of late, haven’t you. There are rooms inside prepared for everyone, as well. Please do not be so reserved and rest yourselves.」

Completely assuming we were staying at an inn in town, I was a bit bewildered, but we were guided into guest rooms where we will rest for the night.

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