Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 6

Chapter 6: First, Making Tools 1

I’ve been staying at Bohd Village for 3 days now and, although it was just the exterior, it’s great that my house was built in one day.

And on the morning of the second day the house was built for me, I woke up soon after the sun had just risen, but because all the villagers were already awake, it seems they live a life of waking up when the sun rises and sleeping when the sun sets as a default.

「Now then, today let’s mine the iron ore vein I heard about from Vanga-san.」

As there is a blacksmith, Bobon-san, who makes agricultural equipment and miscellaneous goods for daily living, I had made an agreement with Bobon-san to dig up iron ore today. There seems to be magic iron ore too.

Magic iron ore is an iron ore that’s been permeated with magic power over a long period of time, refining it into magic iron. Weapons made with magic iron and steel can be clad in magic power when attacking.

「Yo, Takumi. We’re leaving immediately.」

「Yes, I look forward to working with you today.」

I met with Bobon-san at the village gates and we headed towards the vein.

It’s around a 2 hour walk to the vein, so I stored the pickaxe in my Item Box. With my self-made spear in hand, I followed after Bobon-san.

「Takumi, over here! This is a good open-pit to dig ore from, try digging at the right spot.」

The place Bobon-san pointed to was an open-pit mine where ores can be dug up. The ground was a reddish brown rust color.

「Then, I’ll be digging.」

Bobon-san swung his pickaxe and started mining for ores.

I imitated him, taking the pickaxe out of my Item Box, and dug at a place that I guessed likely has ores.

Appraisal works well here too.

Iron Ore
High quality ore comprised mostly of iron.

〈The 「Mining」 Skill has been obtained〉

It’s mysterious how as soon as I got mining skill, I could vaguely grasp the spots where ores are.

I was having fun, mining silently and storing one thing after another into my item box. Bobon-san was surprised to see this. Normally, there are people who have Item Box-type skills, but that is Storage magic of Time-Space attribute, and it seems it can’t store large quantities like my Item Box. Since it’s now too late to hide it, I decided not to restrain myself when it comes to the Item Box.

That’s because the Item Box is convenient.

Once Bobon-san and I made a few mounds of mined ores, Bobon-san informed me that we’re done mining.

「Takumi! We’re leaving for the day!」

Since both Bobon-san and I were able to mine plenty of ores, he decided we should return to the village before it gets dark.

Today, besides iron ores, and in addition to silver and copper ores, I was able to find a fair amount of magic iron ore. Bobon-san said that ores apart from these, such as mythril and adamantite, could not be obtained here.

I want to see mythril and adamantite. They’re mysterious metals of a fantasy world.

As a matter of course, I stored the ores mined by Bobon-san in my Item Box as well.

Incidentally, on the way back, we were able to hunt four horned rabbits, so Bobon-san and I divided it, two each.

Upon returning to the village, I deposited Bobon-san’s ores into his workshop, and bid him farewell.

「Though I am called a blacksmith, I am but a simple blacksmith so I do not have enough skill to teach you, Takumi. Especially since you can use Earth Magic and Smithing Magic. It’s because I’m bad at magic. Anyway, see ya, Takumi. Let’s go mining again sometime.」

「Thank you very much. Yes, let’s.」

I went back to my house and immediately sorted the mined ores by type.

Refining these would originally be done in a furnace, but this is a fantasy world. Iron, Copper, Silver, and Magic Iron. I’ll refine each into ingots.

Placing the iron ore on my workbench, I invoked Alchemy’s 『Deconstruction』 and 『Extraction』. I picked out only the iron (Fe) from the iron ore’s main component, iron oxide.

On the workbench, it seperated into a shiny silver colored metal of near pure iron and slag[1]. I synthesize the iron with Earth Magic and made it into an ingot.

〈The 「Alchemist」 Job has leveled up〉
〈The 「Alchemy」 Skill has leveled up〉
〈The 「Earth Attribute Magic」 Skill has leveled up〉
〈The 「Magic Power Manipulation」 Skill has leveled up〉

I steadily made progress in the refining process.

When my magic power ran dry, I took a break, losing consciousness soon after, and when I regained consciousness, it was already the morning of the next day.

I ate the breakfast Martha-san brought, then continued refining.

It took three days to finish refining all the ores, and the level of my jobs rose considerably.

I was able to extract iron, silver, copper, magic iron, and small amount gold, lead, tungsten, titanium, tin, and so forth.

Aside from the Job level and skill levels that I’ve already mentioned went up, these are the values of my status,


Name: Takumi Iruma
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Alchemist Lv 32, Blacksmith Lv 36
Level : 3
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 150
Magic Power: 160
Strength: 60
Agility: 40
Stamina: 70
Dexterity: 70
Intelligence: 80

Unique Skills:
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX (Concealed)

Passive Skills:
Superhuman Strength Lv 1

Active Skills:
Spear Handling Lv 3
Axe Technique Lv 2
Enemy Search Lv 1
Presence Detection Lv 1
Magic Perception Lv 1
Magic Power Manipulation Lv 4
Light Attribute Magic Lv 1
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 1
Water Attribute Magic Lv 1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 1
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 4
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1

Alchemy Lv 4
Smithing Lv 4
Woodworking Lv 3
Carpentry Lv 3
Foraging Lv 2
Logging Lv 2
Dismantling Lv 1
Mining Lv 3

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)


Because I frequently changed my job to Mage and used Earth attribute magic when I made the metals into ingots, the level of my Earth attribute magic skill rose greatly, and my Mage level became 10 too.

I appraised the Job levels and Skill levels of the other villagers but, as I thought, it seems my levels and skills rise much faster.

Since I’ve finished refining the ores I had mined, I can make my own tools by tomorrow.

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  1.  Slag – a stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore.[↩]
  2. I am assuming that the author made a typo here since he wrote the Alchemy Skill twice so I changed one to Alchemist.[↩]

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  1. But why would he have slag if he didn’t use heat to separate the iron from the rock? Usually slag is a type of glassy waste that rises to the surface of the molten iron, so theoretically if you were to remove the iron metal directly from the rock you would just be left with some form of sillica and allumina based rock powder, with trace remains of a few other metals he couldn’t extract entirely. That is, unless I’m mistaken in thinking slag will always turn into a glass rather than being a general term for the leftovers in the refinement of ore, but I’m not quite sure since our language did not develop with magical separation techniques in mind.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. This novel is quite interesting for now I was even tempted to read ahead but it seems to be pay walled or something for the beginning part.

    How foolish that the part that gets everyone hooked the pay wall should come later.

    • The reason for the paywall is because those are the chapters in Volume 1 of the LN (and Volume 2 is coming out in late April).

      Also, in case you decide to pay to read, chapter 1-1 to 1-17 (post-publication) shown in AP right now is equivalent to chapters 1-42 in the WN copy (pre-publication) that I have. This chapter is the first half of chapter 1-3 (post-publication).


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