Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Preparations for a Journey and Departure

Having decided to go to Horuas, I was considering what I should do for the carriage, but Papeck-san visited my house and gave a proposition to lend me a carriage.

The conditions of the exchange is the procurement of mithril ores and adamantite ores, and that I refine it. A special reward will be paid for the refinement. Papeck Company has arranged to lend out a carriage and the two-headed demon horse, Tahda.

I bought a larger quantity of rations and stored each one in the Item Box, and bought a lot of bentos from Maura-san from the Golden Wheat Pavilion.

I went to the Adventurers Guild to report to them that we were leaving for Horuas.
When I entered the Adventurers Guild, the receptionist Hans-san was still there so I informed him we were leaving for Horuas in 3 days.
Hans-san’s counter is always open. It’s because of that, isn’t it? The other counters had pretty receptionist Oneesans. I was the first in line at Hans-san’s because his queue was empty.

「Takumi-kun, could you wait a bit?」

Hans-san invited me to the conference room like always, and Barack-san was there.

「Hey Takumi, so you’re going to Horuas?」
「Hello Barack-san, is there something going on at Horuas?」

For some reason, there will be a troublesome talk from Barack-san’s sorry smile and it made me want to leave the conference room.

「Now, now, don’t make that kind of face. Did you know that there has been a lack of Treant Wood arriving at Volton lately?」

I realized that I had forgotten to remake Sophia and Maria’s spear handles with Treant Wood when he said that.

「Treant Wood can’t be bought in Volton right now?」
「That’s because it is already autumn. Many of the adventurers in Volton go hunting for Black Buffalo. There is a decline in Treant Wood arriving because of that, and we’re now even troubled for materials for canes.」
「This year is better than usual though.」

According to Hans-san, Treants are difficult to kill and bring back, so they aren’t really popular with the adventurers to begin with. However, those materials are used from bows and canes to high-class furniture, and supply can’t keep up with the demand.

「But is that related to me going to Horuas?」
「Yes, it is just that! Takumi, you have the Time-Space attribute magic Storage Magic, don’t you? It’s an errand request to secure Treant Wood.」
「Ah sorry. Guild master is hard to follow. The truth is, the Forest of Death that Treants live in is along the way to Horuas. So, could we ask you to subjugate them while you’re there?」

Hmm, Treant Wood is a material I want to get. Actually, aside from the piece I picked up when I landed in this world, I haven’t come across Treant Wood.

「If you take this errand request, Takumi will be promoted to Rank D, and the Oneechans will be promoted to Rank E.」
「Even if you don’t take this request, you only need to complete 1 more request to rank up though.」
「Wai-, Hans! Keep your mouth shut!」

I should take this request.

「I understand. I will accept the errand request to secure Treant Wood.」
「Ooh, I knew you’d say that. Well then, you guys will be traveling in Papeck Company’s carriage, right? The guild will bring out another carriage so you will leave with two carriages.」
「Guild Master, your explanation is lacking again. Listen, Takumi-kun, you know of the adventurer party 『Lion’s Fang』, don’t you?」
「Yes, that’s Heath-san and his party, isn’t it?」

It’s the party of adventurers that guarded the carriage I rode from Bohd Village to Volton.

「Yes, I want you and his party to go to the Forest of Death together to secure some Treants. They will return to Volton from there, but it’s alright for you to return after you’ve finished your business at Horuas.」
「Why are Heath-san and his companions only going until the Forest of Death?」

I thought it was strange that they weren’t going up til Horuas so I asked.

「That’s ’cause it’s Black Buffalo hunting season.」
「That’s how it is. Black Buffalo is delicious so it is traded at a high price.」

Black Buffalo, huh. I want to eat it.

「Will assembling in front of the gate on the morning 3 days from now be okay?」
「I’ll tell Heath’s party.」

I left the Adventurers Guild and went home. There was another thing I carelessly forgot. I forgot to reforge the Goblin General’s greatsword for Sophia.

「I’m back.」
「Welcome back.」
「Welcome home, Takumi-sama.」


「Welcome hooome!」

Kaede came leaping and clung onto me with her 8 legs and 2 arms.

I went to the living room with Kaede still clinging onto me and relaxed on the sofa.

「I accepted an errand request from Barack-san at the Adventurers Guild.」

I talked to Maria and Sophia about the details of the errand request that we accepted, that we will hunt for Treants in the Forest of Death that is on the way to Horuas and that we will secure the Treant Wood.

「I do not know that party called 『Lion’s Fang』, but I support the matter of hunting Treants. Treant Wood is a valuable material.」
「I will support what Takumi-sama decides.」
「That being the case, I should forge a Magic Iron Axe.」
「Yes. May I borrow your spare axe? Training with the Axe Technique skill will not be in vain.」

Since it was a request from Sophia, I lent her the axe I used in Bohd village. She told Maria they will practice the Axe Technique skill and went out to the garden.
My girls are so diligent.

I made two Magic Steel Axes at the workshop.

After that, I took out the Greatsword of the Absorber I was keeping in the Item Box. I disassembled the hilt and guard and tried reshaping only the sword blade into longswords with the Smithing Magic, Craft.

Uwaa, what a terrifying resistance this has.」

It’s not that its hard to penetrate it with magic power.
Let’s analyze the composition of the greatsword.

 ・Greatsword of the Absorber
Magic Steel + Tungsten Carbide + Cobalt + Titanium Carbide

Tungsten is a hard thing. But that doesn’t change anything.

As if the greatsword had a will of its own, it resisted my Craft magic. Nevertheless, it gradually accepted my magic power.

I had to drink one or two mana potions midway, but I was able to reshape the Greatsword of the Absorber into longswords.
As a result, two longswords were completed.

Sword of the Absorber
A magic sword that can absorb the magic power of the enemy it cuts.
The more magic power it absorbs, the more its attack power increases.

I enchanted the swords with 『Strong Slash』 and 『Self Repair』 and a magic sword with a bluish sword blade was completed

I completed it by making scabbards and hilts for them. I’ll give one to Sophia, and the other to Maria.

And so, 3 days later, in front of the gate of Volton, we waited for Heath-san and his companions inside the carriage that the Papeck Company lent us.
In the coachman’s seat sat a beer barrel-shaped old man.
It is the blacksmith, Doganbo-san.
The truth is, when I mentioned I’d go to Horuas, he badgered me to go together. He said he would teach me how to mine Mithril ore and Adamantite ore, so I decided to taking him along.
When I told him that we accepted a request to secure Treant Wood on the way there, he was, conversely, delighted. It seems he was troubled by its recent lack of stocks.

After a bit of waiting, the carriage of the Adventurers Guild that was being pulled by a Demon Horse arrived. The coachman is Lyle-san.
Hans-san came with them to see us off.

「Yo Takumi, long time no see!」
「Long time no see Lyle-san, Heath-san, and Bogah-san.」
「Yeah, it seems we’re playing an active role.」

「Well then, Takumi-kun, we will buy all the Treant Wood you have.
Be careful.」
「Yes, I’ll do my best.」

And so, the two carriages we were operating started moving straight for Horuas.

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Translator’s Note:

Hello and thank you for reading and bearing with me this whole time. This is the end of Volume 1 of the novel. As I’ve been so focused solely on this novel for the past 2 months, I will take a small break from this novel to finish the remaining chapters of the first arc of my other project, Stepmother, which will likely take a week as my schedule has still only slightly loosened up.

Since volume 1 has been finished, I will be releasing all official art from the LN, which you can view hereImages from the manga will not be included. 

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