Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 40


So, I had quite the scare a while ago. I wanted to translate the second half of the chapter I wasn’t able to finish yesterday but my pc would not display anything on the screen so I was thinking, oh my tv’s HDMI port finally broke (it’s old and I had pretty much abused the single HDMI port it had by switching between so many cables so I was expecting it to happen one day) but then when I used another tv, it still wouldn’t work, panic ensues. Thinking that maybe it’s my pc’s HDMI that has a problem, I went around searching for a VGA cable for about 15 minutes. Still wouldn’t work. I thought, oh noooo, is it my video card?? That would take the longest to replace (for me). As a final resort, I tried doing a hard reset on my pc, and voila, it worked. >>>> Sigh.<<<< And so, that is what happened to me today when I got back from doing stuff the whole day. Now, onto the chapter you all came here for.

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 35


I’m kind of back. I did my best to make a chapter today but I might slow down just a little bit because of the renovations being done at my home and I might have injured my shoulder and knee a liiiitle during my trip.  It’s nothing serious but it just makes things a bit harder for me. I’ll try to upload every 4 – 5 days for about 2 weeks and then it would most likely be back to our normal schedule of 3 days. My apologies for such bad news. I hope to have your understanding.

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